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The Language Pack Wizard is an external tool for InstallAware products to perform pre-translation of existing translation projects. Features of the Language Pack Wizard (not the Language Pack itself):


Designed to pre-translate all strings of all dialogs (of all official themes), script lines and common strings
Designed to support the latest InstallAware products
Supports all Language Packs for all languages which are supported by InstallAware
Provides translations for changed source strings or strings in unknown contexts by using a dictionary of well known translations
One smart tool for all languages, InstallAware versions and editions
Easy to use, fast and powerful



Quick Start

Read the Quick Start guide to translate your setup project in no time with only a few steps.



What's New

The version history informs you about all new features and fixed issues.




If you have questions or suggestions please use our Language Pack Forum (German/English).



Development and Distribution




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