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Welcome to Translation Manager Pro Version 2 for InstallAware. This software product simplifies and speeds up the localization process of InstallAware setup projects.



Main Features

Fast and easy to use

Supports all InstallAware setup languages

Displays all foreign languages correctly

Integrates all available Language Packs seamlessly

Enhanced translation grid (multi-line, filterable, sortable)

Different views (e.g. display new/changed lines only)

Custom translation dictionary for each language (never translate anything twice)

Re-translation of existing/modified translation projects

Switches installed input languages automatically

Background spell checking with dictionaries for the most languages

Unicode output for InstallAware 16.x and later

Quick Start

Read the Quick Start guide to translate your setup project in no time with only a few steps.



What's New

The version history informs you about all new features and fixed issues.




If you have questions or suggestions please use our Translation Manager Pro Forum (German/English).



Development and Distribution




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