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This library provides free plug-ins for InstallAWARE. All plug-ins have been developed with PureBasic and the InstallAWARE Plug-In SDK for PureBasic. Tests are done with InstallAWARE Studio Admin X2.



mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE contains these plug-ins:


(Un)Register ActiveX
Plug-in to register and/or unregister ActiveX files.

Create GUID
Plug-in to create GUIDs (Global Unique IDs).

File Dialog
Use common dialogs with this plug-in (Open File / Save File / Path Selector)

Install Fonts
Easy to use plug-in to install fonts correctly on Windows systems.

Manage Service(s)
Plug-in to check the state of services and to start/stop services.

MD5 Fingerprints
Simple plug-in to retrieve MD5 fingerprints (checksums) of any files

MSDE 2000
Easy installation of Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE) 2000

Reset File Date
Helps to overwrite existing files which have no version information

Runtime Debug
Plug-in to inspect/change variables at runtime.

Terminal Server
Plug-in for several Terminal Server functions.


What's New

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